Invest in Pet Care Startups alongside successful entrepreneurs and leaders from the industry. Become a part of the fast growing pet care industry and help create a healthier world for pets and their family.


Our four legged friends continue to become more integrated into our family. As we have kids later and later in life, our furry companions take a bigger role in our life. More than 67% of American households have at least one pet.

Not surprisingly, the pet industry has been growing and the trend continues in the coming decade. The success of companies like Chewy, Wag, Rover, and a myriad of pet food and treat startups shows the demand as well as interest from the VC and angel community. Recent reports estimate the current U.S. pet care industry to be $100 billion and the global pet care industry is forecasted to be over $350 billion by 2027.


Are you a fund?

We are a group of pet industry founders, operators, and investors investing in the best companies in the pet industry. Currently, we are syndicating all of our investments in innovative pet care startups through AngelList. This approach allows us to take smaller checks making deals more accessible while empowering our community to invest responsibly.

What is the minimum check size?

We will set a minimum on a deal by deal basis with majority of minimums in $2,000- $10,000 range. On high demand investments, we may also set a maximum investment amount to ensure access to as many investors as possible.

What information will be available?

We perform thorough due diligence before bringing a deal to the Petcare Ventures syndicate. Our summary from such diligence will be shared will all investors of Petcare Ventures. Each pet care deal will also include deal terms, co-investors, and when available company financials and forecasts in a deck. Please note that, unless otherwise indicated, all information shared with the syndicate is strictly confidential, and leaking any information will lead to a permanent ban.

Do I have to participate in all the deals?

No. You can decide on a deal by deal basis whether you'd like to invest. By backing Petcare Ventures syndicate you have the option but not an obligation to invest. There is no minimum or maximum on how many deals you can participate in.