We understand that investment is only one part of raising money. As founders/operators ourselves we understand the added value of a strategic investor. We understand the pet care industry and are able to help support you with long-term mentorship and networking opportunities along with capital.

Early stage founder in the Pet Care industry?


Do you lead a round?

We typically do not lead. We will participate as a part of a round and prefer to commit after you have a lead. You can still start the process before finding a lead. If there is a good match, we can give you a soft commit, which can be helpful in finding other co-investors or a lead.

What is your typical check size?

Most of our investments will be in $100k- $300k range. We will give you a narrower range at the time of the investment.

I am not currently raising, can we still connect?

Absolutely! We understand that building a startup is a long process. We have all been in your shoes. Whether it is for advice, in preparation for future fundraising, or simply to connect with others in the pet care industry, please do reach out. If we are able to help in any way, we would love to.

What are the benefits of raising through Petcare Venturs syndicate?

Our syndicate is composed of accredited angel investors who themselves are or have been founders and operators in the pet care industry. When you raise from our syndicate, you get unparalleled access to this treasure chest of resources that can help with strategic introductions, future fundraising, hiring for key roles, and general guidance. We never ask for a board seat and believe our role is to make sure you as a founder have all the resources you need to build a successful company in the pet care space.